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Maintaining a Healthy Lower Back
Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome
Is it really Plantar Fasciitis?
You do not have Achilles Tendonitis
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A Healthy Recovery After the MS150
8 Common Weightlifting Mistakes
of the Overhead Athlete
The How and When of Streching:
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The following published articles were written by Dr. Chris Sanders, D.C.:
Select exercises necessary to keep you back healthy & advice on when to seek medical care for back pain.
A brief description of the three phases of IT-Band Syndrome along with selective exercises to alleviate the problem.
A detailed look at the often misdiagnosed lower leg and foot and how to rehabilitate the injury.
An informative article on the causes and course of treatment for Achilles Tendonitis.
A comprehensive approach to training according to your fitness level not your age.
A generalized "how to" recover from a long bike race or training ride in order to reduce injury and help speed up muscle recovery.
A detailed list of "what NOT to do" in order to maintain a healthy shoulder while following a weightlifting program.
How to properly and best incorporate stretching into your workout routine.
Additional informative articles can be found at the following websites:
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