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Select Products to Aid in Rehabilitation and a Healthy Lifestyle
We believe in patient centered care (patient dependent on self) vs. doctor centered care (patient dependent on doctor).

Some conditions require continued rehab even after the pain or dysfunction are gone (i.e., tight quads due to cycling). With this injury, sometimes a $32 foam roll and the use of proper stretching techniques can reduce the need for future treatments. Of course, continued patient compliance is a factor as with any preventative measures.

Therefore, we make available several reasonably priced (and optional) rehabilitation tools necessary for patients to maintain their active lifestyles both while under our care and after they are well.

We carry a large selection of therapeutic devices and personal functional rehab equipment. If we do not have an item vital to a patient's at home recovery, we always do our best to get it for them.
McKenzie Support Roll
Foam Roll
Foam Streching Wedge
Wobble Board
For more information on the products below, please visit our detailed web pages (links above):
The only matresses & pillows recommended by more than 25,000 medical professionals worldwide!

Patented design of Tempur-Pedic mattresses delivers the worlds' most customized, comfortable, reliable, and maintenance-free beds!

We are an authorized dealer and have a "best price" guarantee!
Footmaxx is the only system in the world that allows digital gait & pressure analysis data to translate into a diagnostic report as well as a prescription for cutom orthotics.

Footmaxx orthotics improve performance, increase comfort, and reduce pain. For some patients, Footmaxx orthotics mean the difference between remaining sedentary or literally being on the run.

They are the only custom orthotic that comes with a 30 day money guarantee.
We carry a large selection of only the highest quality vitamins & supplements.

Our vitamins are pharmaceutical grade and only available through a
doctor's office.

We have selected several ones that aid in injury recovery, prevent
deficiencies, and promote a healthy lifestyle.
Vitamins & Supplements
Cervical Travel Pillow
Classic Pillow