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Improve Performance, Increase Comfort, & Reduce Pain
Computerized Weight Bearing,
Dynamic Gait Analysis
Custom Shoe Specific Orthotics
Footmaxx could help alleviate your pain, if you suffer from: lower
back pain, piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome, patellar
tendonitis, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis,
heel spur, bunions, or morton's neuroma.
Also each shoe specific orthotic is designed to maximize the foot's biomechanical movement and increase the comfort & performance level of the wearer.
Footmaxx is the only system in the world that allows digital gait & pressure analysis data to translate into a diagnostic report as well as a prescription for custom orthotics.
Each gait analysis instantly renders 2D & 3D images, specific breakdowns in
the timing sequence, and foot function in the gait cycle. A detailed report is
sent later from Footmaxx.
There are 11 sport specific Footmaxx orthotics available (crosstrainer, basketball, golf, cycling, marathoner, soccer, baseball, hockey, football, ski & tennis) as well as for men & women's dress shoes, and diabetic or arthritic patients.
The Footmaxx pro-marathoner orthotic (shown left) is thin,
flexible, and adds less than 2 oz. to a men's size 11 running shoe.
"I have worn them since 1997 in my playing spikes, running shoes & golf shoes. I can sincerely say that they have made a significant contribution to my health & athletic performance. I would recommend wearing Footmaxx orthotics to anyone."
Roger Clemens
7 time Cy Young Winner
Dynamic Gait Analysis: $99 (one time fee)

1st pair Custom Orthotics: $325

Additional pairs:
$275 (within 30 days)
Sport Specific Orthotics
Introducing the Next Generation of Orthotics
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